Retractable Belt Barriers

Retractable belt barriers are great for providing a clear boundary for cordoned off areas, creating organised queuing systems, and crowd control. With examples being seen regularly at cinemas, airports, conferences, and concerts.

The barriers are available in a wide range of colours, sizes, belt length, and mounting options. Allowing you to choose the perfect queue barrier depending on the desired use. With the many options on hand, we can ensure that you have the choice of the right product. Some of the post colours available are yellow, black, silver, and clear so whether you want to bring attention to the stanchion, blend into the environment, or place advertising inside we have the choice for you.

The posts can be placed far apart or in a sequence of one another to provide a fully customisable retractable belt barrier system. Your choice on layout may be impacted by the belt barrier's directional mounting options, options we have include 4-way, 8-way, and Multi (360º or 180º for wall mounted options). This gives you the freedom to change your design from one day to the next, so given any number of people, or the venue choice you can ensure that you can create the most suitable system.

Depending on the planned use of the retractable belt barrier you may require different types. For example, some are made from much more durable grades of steel allowing for outdoor use and preventing rust, typically with a heavier base system, whereas others are made of a less durable steel to save money while still providing full function indoors. Other circumstances to consider would be whether or not the barrier system will remain in place, as if you expect to be taking the system with you for shows, and conventions you may wish to opt for a U shaped base design, allowing them to be stacked, and in turn give greater convenience during transport.

As well as our advertised assortment of coloured belts, we have additional custom taping options available, just get in touch and we can run through your requirements. Custom barrier belts allow you to provide messages, warnings, or even advertising on the belt itself meaning you can clearly get your message across and inform people of the intended use of the barrier or bring awareness to your brand. Further customisation options we include are the option for poster mounting at the stanchions to inform and instruct people on the expected use or provide further recognition of your brand.

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